ON LINE: Fill out the questionnaire in the proper page, you will receive a thank you e-mail with  the code number  of your questionnaire. If you would like to purchase please click on the payment link, where you insert the shipping address.

BY MAIL: download and print the questionarie from the proper page. Fill out  and send it (and any attachments) in a  sealed envelope, specifying that you want to buy.

After a short time, you will receive a thank-you letter with the code of your questionnaire (to use as reason for payment) and the method of payment.


The price for a fragment of "Macchie dell'Anima" is 60 eur (including the shipping cost in Europe).


Your fragment of  “Macchie dell'Anima” will be painted on a mirroring plate (dimensions 25 cm x 25 cm) and shipped after the receipt of payment.


Note: intellectual property of the project, the artwork, and its fragments is owned by the artist L. Fabris.